Hello, My name is Emylee. I’m your not so average girl that loves not so average things. for example, I own chickens and two large aquariums, a 60 gallon salt water and a 50 gallon fresh water. I play MMORPG's. I love to camp and fish. I’m an artist that draws Anime and dragons/monsters. I code PHP and a general techie nerd. I can do anything when I set my mind to it!

I love making websites "work", and it is also my job. Anything technology related is something I am definitely passionate about. I also have a lot of other hobbies. A LOT. Yeah, way to many hobbies.... Some include sewing, collecting Pokemon TCG, crafting, cosplay and a ton of other stuff.

I'm currently making a humble home with my husband Scott. Managing it takes a lot of my time, but returns in happiness and memories.




I love games, it’s a great way to pass time! My favorite genre of games are MMORPGs, I love to play with people online, I think it is a very fun and involving thing. As far as online games go, I have played Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XIV (1.0 & 2.0), Dream of Mirror Online, R2Beat and a lot more. I own most modern game consoles, but my favorite is Nintendo 3DS! I like participating in betas and helping anywhere I can with games.

Favorite games: Zelda, Pokemon, Bayonetta, Catherine, Xenosaga, Final Fantasy, ZombieU, Minecraft, The Sims, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Animal Crossing and probably a lot more I’m not thinking of…





A big part of my life has been on the MMORPG “Final Fantasy XI”. I have played since 2003! Unfortunately I have split up my experience with two characters. My older mithra “Megami” was my first character. I was a Red Mage only, with only dabbling in a few other jobs. I quit in 2007 when I got my first job and was continuing 

I decided to start fresh, creating Emirii. She is the white haired mithra. Being single at the time I had a lot of time on my hands. I am thankful for all my friends that helped me obtain the best bard instrument, the Daurdabla. You will see a lot of fan art of them in my gallery! Please enjoy them. Visit my FFXIAH.com page for more information on my character. I decided to quit FFXI permanently in 2010.




In-Game names...
Mostly I will use Emirii for game names. It is a play on my real name and sounds cuter than my real name (my opinion). I like my name so I use something very similar and close to my real name. I did not intend on it being "Japanese-ified" or anything, though people may think that. I don't think it is very Japanese at all.

Fairy Server

Fenrir Server
Dream Of Mirror Online
R2Beat (JP)
Emirii Mei
Hyperion Server




I have been making websites since around 1998-2001 starting with Geocities, moving on to notepad static websites and then finally getting my own private hosting! I hosted a lot of people and made some friends, and helped people build their own websites over the years. So I have had a website for a very long time! 3 domains in total, with numerous changes and gears. What was a large anime fan site with information on a few of my favorite Anime became a gallery for my art and random projects. Now, most of my web development is geared toward professional websites and keeping up with the ever so changing trends and technologies. Below are some screenshots of most of my websites, for nostalgia purposes only. Oh how the web has changed! Super small thumbnails, but it's all I have left of them. From oldest to newest.